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Partnering up to Build an Open Supply Chain and Propel Circular Construction

Dec 5, 2023

This November, Packhunt marked a significant commitment in the field of construction digitization by signing two digiDeals alongside 9 other partners: Productivity, Buro de Haan, Circular Building, Square Wise, Bouw Lab, Axionomic, AplusV, Alba Concepts and Weaver. These strategic partnerships align with two national research projects: Cool Orange, nearing completion, and Nationaal Groeifonds Toekomstbestendige Leefomgeving (National Growth Fund for Sustainable Living Environment).

digiDeal: "CoolOrange"

One of the compelling digiDeals, "CoolOrange," brings together a consortium of five visionary entities: Real Capital Systems BV, Squarewise, Productivity, Packhunt, and digiGO. About "Cool Orange":

digiGO Action Line 4: Sustainability Approach for Acceleration

Issue & Opportunity: Investigating an open supply-chain platform with renovation solutions for the private housing market.

Solution: Crafting a roadmap for the development of an Open Supply Chain Platform. The name CoolOrange is a nod to a similar configurator used by Coolblue.

digiDeal: "Circular Geveleconomie"

digiGO Action Line 2: Improvement of the Circular Marketplace

Issue & Opportunity: Enhancing circular construction processes by providing data to companies at all stages of the building life cycle.

Solution: Develop a platform to manage and deliver fit-for-purpose data throughout the building life cycle, initially targeting the facade sector.

What are digiDeals?

This March, 2023 a broad coalition of 61 chain partners in the design, construction and technology sector, of which Packhunt was one, signed the new digiAgreement. The premise of it, was a shared challenge: as partners in the built environment, we jointly face major social challenges: energy transition, climate adaptation, scaling up housing construction and infrastructure, maintenance and replacement and emission-free and circular construction; and an understanding that progress can only be achieved if it is done together in a smart, data-driven way.

DigiAgreement was meant to be followed up with concrete digiDeals along 7 digiGO Action Lines. Today around 8 digiDeals have been signed. digiDeals give various benefits, such as exposure, networking, marketing, and helping with finding funding.

Why did we join digiDeals?

The social issues we face in the construction, design and technology sectors are often so complex that they transcend the efforts of individual organizations and companies. Joining forces within the digiDeals initiatives allows us to collaborate with diverse stakeholders throughout the chain. This is how we look for smart digital answers. Together we are strong in coming up with solutions that contribute to reducing nitrogen emissions, the circularity issue and solving the housing shortage.

What is digiGO?

digiGO is a government-funded organisation with various initiatives to accelerate the digitization of companies. The aim is to encourage collaborating digitally to make businesses or organizations, as well as the entire industry, smarter and faster. More and more construction and installation companies are working with data and digital systems. The coherence between them is often still lacking. The systems inadequately 'communicate' with each other. This is inefficient and hinders innovation, while the challenges in the industry are significant. The experiences gained in practice are valuable for others who want to engage in digitization and for programs within the framework of digiGO.

In a nutshell, Packhunt's commitment to these digiDeals underscores our dedication to collaborative digital solutions that propel the industry forward. Stay tuned for updates as we actively contribute to the transformation of the construction landscape.

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