Easily create smart supply chains by automating your design and production process.

Industry 4.0

Solutions for:


  • Boost the sales of your product by 3D visualisation

  • Make your customers fall in love with your product by the ultimate virtual product experience

  • Create the ultimate customer journey tailored to your customer

  • Increase business agility by easy experiments

  • Optimize your sales channels


  • Collect and reuse your digital knowledge

  • Save time and costs when designing a new project

  • Learn from field input, such as sensors and 3D scans

  • Gain insight in your projects

  • Save the investment of programming by modeling


Revolutionize sales and production efficiency by design automation

Packhunt.io is a next generation technology to increase sales, design and production efficiency. From start-ups to market leaders: Packhunt.io makes it easy to reach thousands of customers and provides all capabilities to set up an unrivalled in-store or online shopping experience by advanced digital products sales from design, product configuration, customisation and personalisation, creation and curation of Digitals Twins, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), digital engineering to smart manufacturing without high investments of software development.


3D visualisation

Present your product in a realistic 3D environment with full 360° rotation and detailed zoom.


Present your products online as well as on in-store systems.


Packhunt.io is fully web-based. Connect to our platform from anywhere in the world on virtually any device with an internet connection.


Invest once in setting up a product model and easily make changes to your product model without extra programming investments.

Pay as you go

Only pay for what you use. Our credit system automatically scales with the amount of usage of the platform.

Always available

Packhunt.io is always available to process your models. No computers or servers required.

Modular configuration

Experiment with your customer journey through our modular configuration abilities.


Packhunt.io automatically scales with the increased traffic on your website or visits to your store without losing efficiency or processing power.


Your ideal experimentation ground, invest step by step in your product development and configuration.

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Available plans
  • Offer 1 product

  • Full 360° 3D viewing

  • Smooth parametric transitions

  • Standardised sales process

  • Standard Support

  • Pay only what you use

Start-up plan

Starting brands​

Fast-growing businesses

Small business plan

  • Everything of 'Start-up'

  • Offer multiple products

  • Additional sales and administrative components

  • Increased support

  • Everything of 'Small Business'

  • Full rebranding to your own brand style

  • Unique custom 3D experience for your customers

  • Full customised sales process

  • Enterprise-grade support

High-volume companies

Enterprise plan

Get started

Grow your business

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