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Signing the digiAkkoord: A step towards circular construction

Mar 24, 2023

Jeroen Coenders signing the digiakkoord
Jeroen Coenders signing the digiakkoord

On March 23rd 2023 Jeroen Coenders, the Co-Founder of Packhunt, travelled to Nijkerk to sign the new digiAkkoord. This agreement was made after many hours of meetings and webinars between more than 60 organisations to discuss how we can improve the built environment and act more sustainably.

A broad coalition of 60 partners specialising in the design, construction and technology sector signed the new digiAgreement in which they commit to actively accelerating the – necessary – digitization and chain optimization.

The way the group interprets acceleration is through so-called digiDeals: tangible projects about exchanging more data, improving the quality of data, trust and cooperation throughout the entire chain.

“We all face major social and individual challenges. Energy transition, climate adaptation, upscaling of housing and infrastructure replacement. All this with as few emissions as possible and circular. Everyone has to work this out in their own organization and chain, with increasingly scarce personnel, less time and higher costs. Accelerated digitization and data-driven chain collaboration are then hard preconditions for getting things done together.” - comments Roger Tan, member of the BDR and chairman of the board of the digiGO foundation.

Coincidently, these goals fit with the Mission of our company, which highlights the necessity for smarter ways to build and maintain economic and ecologic well-being. Our answer is exactly through democratising technology and sharing access to the enormous resource of knowledge that is available worldwide. Hence to be a part of this community and support those tackling social challenges, is a logic outcome for us, as an active ecosystem member.

The digiAkkoord addresses major social challenges: energy transition, climate adaptation, upscaling of housing and infrastructure, maintenance and replacement and zero-emission and circular construction.

“We would like to contribute to the digitisation of the building industry. This can happen when everyone collaborates in an ecosystem. Rather than trying to compete, we would like to rally behind all the different stakeholders in the Netherlands who support this initiative, together with our ecosystem.” - Jeroen Coenders, 2023.

We are happy to be a part of the digiAkkoord agreement and will continue to automate knowledge and make it accessible worldwide to perpetuate a symbiotic ecosystem. In this way we hope to help build the world in a smarter way.

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