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Packhunt - Finalist for DigiDare Innovation of the Year Award '23

An honorous nomination shared among our partners and peers.

Oct 12, 2023

Final 3 of the DigiDare award
Final 3 of the DigiDare award

Exciting news is unfolding at Packhunt! We're thrilled to announce that Packhunt has been listed among the three finalists for the prestigious DigiDare Innovation of the Year Award in the Construction Market in the Netherlands. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing the digital landscape of the construction industry.

Last week it was announced that Packhunt - the world's first Marketplace and developer platform for digital products and services for the building industry - was featured by the Jury among the top 3 finalists for the Innovation of the Year Award. Read more about the nomination and ambitions of our platform & marketplace here.

Partners in Innovation:

What makes this acknowledgement even more special is the company we find ourselves in. We are proud to share this spotlight with two of our esteemed partners, each showcasing remarkable innovations:

Read more about the DigiDare Innovation of the Year Award

Smart Advice with BIM by LBP|SIGHT

We have recently talked about our already long-time partnership with LBP|SIGHT and our new aim together - to further develop the digitisation journey in the #buildingphysics and #environmental domains. LBP|SIGHT is an independent consultancy and engineering firm with over fifty years of experience. Their particular first focus is to launch a nitrogen emission calculator on the Packhunt Marketplace and tackle the shortage of experts to make the calculations, which consequently, significantly delays construction plans. However this time, LBP|SIGHT is nominated for pioneering providing acoustic, building physics and fire safety advice directly in the BIM model of the architect and constructor. 

BIM Provesy - Paving the Way to Sustainable Asphalt by Rijkswaterstaat GPO

Another industry peer we are sharing the nomination with is Rijkswaterstaat GPO, who alongside Ordina, BuildingBits and WISTOR, are building a central system for requesting detailed road data. Their idea stems from an initiative by asphalt experts to collect data from national highway projects and build coherence centrally.

Join Packhunt in the Final Award Ceremony

Save the date for the DigiDare Awards ceremony, where the winners will be revealed. The ceremony is scheduled for 15th of November, and you can register for the free event here. Be sure to tune in to celebrate innovation in the construction market.

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