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Packhunt nominated for the DigiDare Innovation of the Year Award

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Oct 12, 2023

Jeroen Coenders, Founder & CTO/CEO at Packhunt
Jeroen Coenders, Founder & CTO/CEO at Packhunt

Packhunt is thrilled to be part of the DigiDare Awards, an initiative of digiGO BIM Loket, a division of digiGO. This event showcases the most innovative projects in the construction industry, and our founder and CEO/CTO Jeroen Coenders, had the opportunity to share our journey in a recent interview for the nomination. We are proud to stand alongside remarkable projects within the Dutch market, such as AI BIM Chatbot, BuurtWarmteWijzer, and many more.

Packhunt's Trailblazing Marketplace: Can You Imagine a Digital Future in Construction?

Packhunt is a trailblazer – we're the very first marketplace entirely dedicated to digital solutions in the construction sector. Our marketplace aims to collect a range of software, products, data, and digital services, catering specifically to computational designers, architects, engineering firms, contractors, and developers, mainly because we ourselves, stem from the same field.

How Does Packhunt Transform Traditional Supply Chains in Construction?

What sets Packhunt apart is connecting the automated solutions, which allow for the creation of digital supply chains. The platform is No Code, meaning that advanced programming skills are not required. This accessibility ensures that everyone can benefit from our platform.

A Dutch solution, but a Global Game-Changer: What Makes Packhunt Stand Out?

Packhunt's unique marketplace for digitalization solutions in construction is a global innovation. Our solutions are genuine digital services accessible via user interfaces, APIs, or directly from BIM applications. The ability to connect these solutions into digital chains paves the way for the next generation of online Building Information Modelling (BIM).

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Success for All Parties Involved

What benefits does Packhunt's platform bring for individuals and organizations in the construction industry? For solution providers, our marketplace offers a means to recoup their digitalization investments by offering their creations as digital services. This introduces a new revenue stream. For solution users, the platform eliminates the need to reinvest in solutions that others have already built, saving valuable resources. Our platform also serves as an avenue for the industry to accelerate collectively by standing on the shoulders of giants - highly regarded engineering and architecture firms, talented computational design specialists.

How easy it is to start using Packhunt?

In terms of, what does it take to start using Packhunt, Jeroen commented that signing up a user is free. "We wanted our users to experience the full power and scale of the platform. All the features of the platform and the marketplace are available for every user within our freemium." commented Jeroen Coenders.

Our Message to the Industry

When asked, what message Packhunt has for the industry, Jeroen Coenders commented: "Developing solutions isn't as daunting as it may seem. Every Grasshopper model can transform into a solution that can be monetized. Additionally, there's no need to reinvent the wheel when others have already paved the way for innovation."

A Decade in the Making: Why is Packhunt's Launch a Monumental Milestone?

We've dedicated a decade to building this platform, and we are thrilled to finally make it public. We take immense pride in all those who choose to join our marketplace and be part of the revolution accelerating digitalization in the construction industry.

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