Preventing Errors with Digital Models of Your Product [EN version]

As decision-makers in the construction industry supply chain strive for profitability, innovation, and efficient operations, harnessing the potential of digital models becomes crucial.

This document, written by our experts, aims to provide valuable insights, strategies, and best practices to decision-makers to embrace digitalization through digital models and parametric design, and optimize their workflows.

Discover, what are the key causes for inefficiencies in factories and exact steps on how to prevent and overcomethem by implementing digital models.


Identifying the Key Causes for Inefficiencies:

  • Ageing workforce and knowledge loss;

  • Manual execution of repetitive tasks;

  • Communication and collaboration.

The Paradigm Shift: Digitizing Knowledge

  • No More Miscommunication: Single Source of Truth

  • Automate tasks by Integrating with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

  • How to prevent Late-Process Changes?

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