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Rtunda and Packhunt join forces: next step in Digital Marketplaces

"Apple store inside a Mediamarkt"

Nov 28, 2023

In the dynamic world of digital marketplaces, Packhunt and Rtunda are breaking new ground by collaborating to offer project developers, architects, constructors, and engineers an unparalleled range of services and products. The CEOs of both platforms, Jeroen Coenders of Packhunt and Jeroen Putter of Rtunda, share their insights on this innovative partnership, which they compare to a concept of an "Apple Store inside Mediamarkt".

Digital marketplaces - a fast track to digitalisation

Digital marketplaces are helping the construction sector to digitize at an accelerated pace. In a digital marketplace, all players in the construction industry - designers, architects, engineers, contractors or developers - can find the tools they need to get their work done quickly. Rather than progressing in silos, digital marketplaces connect parties through fully automated solutions from which digital supply chains can be built to accelerate digitalization. What does that mean? Instead of building tools themselves, companies will be able to purchase the services of others and even integrate them into their services and solutions.

How do Packhunt users benefit from this partnership?

Jeroen Coenders, CEO & Founder at Packhunt: "Besides our one shop window (Packhunt Marketplace) you now have a second shop window to offer your products and services in. Packhunt Marketplace suppliers can offer their products in both the Packhunt Marketplace and on Rtunda for increased market reach. As we are offering that the suppliers in Rtunda can also offer their services in the Packhunt Marketplace, the users of the services in the Packhunt Marketplace will benefit because they will get more to choose from."

Jeroen Putter, Founder/Connector at Rtunda:

Rtunda: Shaping the Future of Integrated Design Teams

Rtunda, often compared to Coolblue or MediaMarkt for integrated design teams, envisions a future where architectural firms can seamlessly order digital analyses for insolation, noise, or heat stress based on a simple 3D model. Founder Jeroen Putter believes that Rtunda meets a significant industry need by providing a platform where digital work is streamlined, addressing the challenges of varied standards and working methods.

Where do you see the synergy points for Packhunt and Rtunda?

Jeroen Putter, Founder at Rtunda: The reason this partnership is significant for us and Packhunt’s market, is that the Rtunda platform contains only viable products made by other partners. Packhunt is bringing suppliers and the ability to create your application. It's great for digitally-minded developers who want to progress in real estate.

Origins of the Partnership

The inception of this collaboration traces back to a serendipitous meeting between the two Jeroens. Inspired by the concept of store-in-store collaborations like the Apple Store in MediaMarkt, the founders envisioned a partnership that transcends conventional boundaries—a next-level digital marketplace for the building industry.

Synergies Unveiled: The Significance for Packhunt and Rtunda

For Rtunda, collaborating with Packhunt signifies a unique opportunity to expand its shop and introduce groundbreaking products to a wider audience. The platform, built on collaboration with industry leaders, aims to bridge the digital gap in the market, offering quick and efficient digital analyses aligned with the immediate needs of the design process. Packhunt will also help the suppliers on Rtunda to automate the analysis processes behind the scenes.

Packhunt Marketplace, on the other hand, sees this partnership as a means to offer its users a curated selection of viable products from Rtunda's platform. This collaboration creates a valuable space for digitally-minded developers within the real estate sector, fostering progress and innovation.

As Packhunt Marketplace and Rtunda join forces, architects, constructors, and engineers find themselves at the forefront of a transformative marketplace experience that combines variety, innovation, and seamless collaboration.

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