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Welcome to a New Era of Packhunt

Jun 9, 2023

Packhunt is excited to announce its rebranding, as an intelligent playground for inventiveness. Our new website and visual identity are designed to reflect our mission of automating knowledge and making it accessible worldwide, as well as our friendly, pioneering and dynamic company character.

New offerings, new packaging:

Packhunt's purpose is connected to the rising need for the building industry to become efficient, increase productivity and be more sustainable through the adoption of technology (1). The company is reintroducing its existing and new offerings, Packhunt Marketplace, Developer Platform and Solution for Factories, in a newly refreshed format, matching the ethos of the team and offering.

Revamped Website and Visual Identity:

“Our brand and our products aim to build an active community around an ecosystem of companies and people building solutions and sharing knowledge. Imagine LEGO, imagine Apple, imagine any technology that inspires & enables engineers, inventors, creators and solution builders of the technical world to get together and build in a smarter, better, more efficient way.” - comments Jeroen Coenders, the company’s Founder and CEO.

“Our visual identity did not encompass our brand promise, our values, the visionary character of our company, hence recreating the way we present ourselves was a decisive and necessary step.” - comments Head of Marketing, Emilija Kučytė.

Packhunt has unveiled a new and improved website that embodies the company’s vision of an intelligent playground for inventiveness as part of the rebranding efforts. The revamped design reflects the brand’s commitment to creating an inspiring community that builds together and shares knowledge. Visitors to our website will discover more about the Packhunt marketplace, Developer Platform and Packhunt for Factories along with resources about Grasshopper, company news and industry updates.

The goal was to convey a sense of innovation and excitement with the new brand concept. The use of each element of the brand - bold typography, and representation of parametric architecture in the visuals reflects how the building industry is being changed by technology.

"Packhunt is building a revolutionary technology, however, the brand, the communication, just simply did not reflect that." - commented E. Kučytė. - "That is why the entire team - Product Owners, Designers, Sales & Marketing team - took the process seriously. Everyone worked shoulder to shoulder to deliver the entire rebrand in a record two-month time. We hope this new identity will energise and inspire the community to automate and share their solutions. After all, we have a very farsighted and visionary technology and purpose - to democratise knowledge of how to build better.”.

Automating Knowledge for Global Access:

“Packhunt's primary goal is to automate knowledge and make it accessible worldwide. We believe that this is essential to enable smarter ways of building and maintaining economic and ecological well-being. Our platform acts as a bridge, connecting those from the building industry so they can create/ maintain projects in a more efficient way, which saves them time and decreases costs. “ - commented Jeroen Coenders, the company’s Founder and CEO.

Take a look through our new website and join us on this exciting journey to unlocking the potential of knowledge and inspiring the inventors of tomorrow.