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Aannemer Features Packhunt as "The Digital Frontier of Construction"

Packhunt: A beacon of digital innovation in construction, as featured by Aannemer. Learn about our digital solutions at Renovatiebeurs.

Mar 21, 2024

© Photo by: Diederik van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency

Packhunt's innovative approach to tackling the construction industry's biggest challenges has been spotlighted in "Aannemer." Central to our mission, as highlighted by the magazine, is the transformation of the industry through digital solutions. Our CEO Jeroen Coenders, gave an extensive interview on how Packhunt leverages parametric design and automation to help companies streamline construction processes, making them more efficient and less prone to errors. But also, how to recuperate the investment into digitalisation via Packhunt Marketplace. This vision, positions Packhunt not just as a tool but as a new approach to sharing knowledge, and re-shaping the future of construction.

The Genesis of Packhunt

The inception of Packhunt marks a bold step towards digitalising the construction industry. As Jeroen Coenders shared with "Aannemer," the journey began with a simple yet ambitious aim: to democratize access to advanced design tools. This approach has enabled a shift towards more accessible, web-based applications for parametric modelling and design automation.

A Digital Marketplace for Construction Innovation

The "Aannemer" interview dwells deeper into Packhunt’s role in creating a digital marketplace that connects computational designers with the construction industry's needs. By offering a platform for computational designers, companies, and large to small teams in construction, to share their parametric software applications (and beyond!) Packhunt addresses critical industry challenges. This includes simplifying complex design tasks and providing scalable solutions for housing and infrastructure projects, underscoring Packhunt's contribution to the industry's move towards modular building and prefab solutions. Most importantly - impact grows as the marketplace grows, it is from the industry to the industry.

Future-Oriented Construction Solutions

The conversation with "Aannemer" also touched upon how Packhunt is driving the adoption of digital twins and cloud-native configurators in construction. These technologies are key to advancing modular design and engineering automation, showcasing Packhunt's commitment to enhancing construction efficiency and sustainability.

Innovating with Parametric Web Apps & A Partner Ecosystem

"Aannemer" highlights the use of parametric web apps as a game-changer for the construction process. These applications, built not by us, but by trusted companies in the industry, help streamline the design process, enhance accuracy, and foster innovation. Why reinvent the wheel each time, when you can

  1. Build a solution and use it across your entire company

  2. Sell access to your solution you have built

  3. Simply buy a solution already built by others.

If you or your company is already building parametric web apps, learn more on how you can become a supplier to the Packhunt Marketplace.

Discover more about us at Renovatiebeurs

We are excited to announce that Packhunt will be participating in the Renovatiebeurs fair 14-16th May, a leading industry event focused on the digitalisation of construction. This fair is an excellent opportunity for us to discuss how we can support your digital transformation initiatives in more detail. We invite you to join us there, where we can explore together how Packhunt's solutions can help digitize your projects and operations, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in construction.

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