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White Lioness technologies team photo

White Lioness technologies: Proud of our pride

Over the past few years our team has grown to over 45 professionals: energised, collaborative and ambitious. From the start we have been fascinated by how technology works and how we can use it to help shape the future. As a team we continuously learn and help each other grow. Would you like to know what we are working on?

Life is not only about work. We believe that we need to be healthy mentally and physically. We organise fun activities, such as having daily lunches together, team events and drinks.

What we do is challenging and technologically advanced. We strive to push the boundaries of technology into the unknown. We therefore always seek the best of the best. Does this sound like something you would like to be part of?

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Our fascination with white lionesses

We love our white lioness. She is a beautiful mammal that lives in prides with her family and protects and takes care of her own. She is the queen of the savannah and a powerful predator that hunts to feed her family. She is not an ordinary lioness and definitely not an albino.


Did you know that a group of lions is called a pride?

New beginnings?

Mammals rule the world after the dinosaurs because they were able to adapt to the changes in their environment better than the dinosaurs. We feel that the world needs some change. We are mammals.


  • Nothing is too technologically advanced for us

  • We like a challenge

  • Create, learn & grow together as a team

  • Every day is different

  • We have lunch together

  • We strive to use the latest technologies

  • Work in the heart of Amsterdam

  • We have a 3D printer that you can use for free

  • Join team drinks & events

  • We have a flat culture

  • We take decisions together



Office (photoshopped).png


We would love to hear from you as we are always looking for new talent. You can find our current openings below.

If you have any questions...


We are looking for someone who has fun juggling with multiple tasks, has an eye for detail and is passionate about an efficient day to day operation of our office.


Do you want to contribute your knowledge and experience to the digital success of the construction industry, accelerate the transformation, and find yourself at the crossroads of organization and IT?


We are looking to expand our development team with a front-end developer (junior / medior). We are a fast growing company that is building our product:, a web-based platform for parametric design and 3D geometry.


At White Lioness technologies we are looking for a junior/ medior backend-developer to join our growing team. We are building our product, a cloud-native platform for parametric design and 3D geometry for the web.


We are looking for people who are passionate about geometry, 3D parametric and associative modelling and are always looking for new and innovative modelling techniques to be applied in practice.


We are looking for someone who is great at building and maintaining relations with our clients and helps to apply our technology in their context.

There is more!

Are you looking for other positions?

Or are you interested in a student job, project or internship?

You are always welcome to get in touch.

Please send a short introduction about yourself and your CV to:

We kindly ask recruitment companies not to contact us regarding the fulfilment of the above positions. We have our own in-house recruitment team and work exclusively with selected external parties. And yes, at some point we will blacklist you.

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