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019 – Sift pattern

Sift Pattern

"Sift Pattern" filters the elements in a list using a repeating index pattern. A pattern is set to control the data in different lists which is similar to "Stream Gate". The main difference is that "Sift Pattern" can accept several items in the "Sift Pattern" input (similar to "Gate" input) and can be structured in branches, while "Stream Gate" can’t.


Step 1: Connect your 'data' component to the 'sift pattern' component.

Step 2: Then connect list 0,1,2 to a panel on the right side.

Step 3: Also add a 'number slider' to your 'sift pattern'.

Note: It is similar to a 'stream gate'. You can add one underneath the 'sift pattern' to compare the differences. The main difference is that 'sift pattern' can accept several items.

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