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016 – Divide your Grasshopper logic into groups


Use Grasshopper groups to separate the logic into two groups. In this example we will construct the geometry of a simple building then calculate the area of the floors and surface area of the walls.

Prerequisite: Components you would like to group.


Step 1: Select the components you would like to group together, right click the screen and select 'group'.

Step 2: You can change the colour of the group by right clicking and selecting 'colour'.

Step 3: Add a label to your group by using the 'scribble' component, and describe the content using the 'panel' component.

Step 4: Use Grasshopper 'relays' to organise inputs into group. Create a relay by double clicking a wire.

Step 5: You can right click a 'relay' to rename it. 'Relays' help to make your model less clustered.

Bonus tip: If you want to keep your model extra neat, you can use the some Grasshopper tricks to align components. Firstly highlight the components you would like to align. Then select the small black icon at the top (or sides) of your selection to choose your alignment.

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