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015 – Organise your graph with data containers

Data Containers

Learn how you can use Grasshopper data containers to organise information in your graph. This helps to keep your graph clean and orderly. Data containers exist for primitive data types such as: booleans, integers, numbers and text.

Prerequisite: Boolean toggle connected to 'boolean'. Number slider connected to 'integer'. Number slider connected to 'number'.


Step 1: Connect a 'panel' and a 'text'. The most basic container is 'data' which can contain any type of data.

Step 2: Connect 'data' to your primitive data type

Step 3: Right click on the data container and change the label.

Step 4: Place inputs, logic and outputs systematically from left to right. And use data containers to define the inputs and outputs.

Note: Data containers also exist for geometry such as points, curves and meshes.

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