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012 – Making your Grasshopper models user friendly

Creating a neat user experience

The Grasshopper canvas is far more than just a place to drop and connect your components. Using tools like the pencil, scribble and jump you can create a neat user experience including drawings, text formatting, and a smooth automated movement between sections of your Grasshopper model.

Prerequisite: Open one of your existing models that you can experiment with.


Step 1: Draw your desired shape that corresponds with the model. In this example we are using a house.

Step 2: Select the pencil drawing, right click and choose 'load from rhino'. Then select the houses in Rhino and hit enter.

Step 3: You can also add formatted text using Scribble or panels.

Bonus tip: Transition smoothly between your models using the 'jump' components.

Now your model is more user friendly!

Learn more

Read our previous blog post or sign up to our platform here to put your Grasshopper models online and share them.


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