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Grasshopper is a parametric design plugin for the Rhinoceros 3D environment. Grasshopper uses visual components rather than script, so it requires no prior knowledge in textual programming or scripting. was developed with Grasshopper and other parametric applications in mind. With, you can upload your 3D Grasshopper model and for example integrate it into your company’s web environment, it is always accessible online. additionally provides you with control over your Grasshopper models in many ways:

  • Choose between different types of input parameters, such as number sliders, dropdown menus, or input fields

  • Define separate “dashboards” containing different input parameters to guide your user through a design process

  • Choose material colours and textures to create a realistic digital twin


  • Produce offer reports based on your model

  • Export information from your model to other platforms

  • Connect to analysis applications

  • Output visual and textual results

THE FIRST RHINO 7 WIP PLATFORM IN THE WORLD is the first online parametric platform in the world to support Rhino 7 WIP and Grasshopper so that you can use your Grasshopper models in an online environment. displays your model in the browser or you can run your model behind the scenes. takes care of all the complexities involved in online model, such as scaling it to many users. Because we support Rhino 7 you can make use of the industrial-strength geometry kernel which is part of this application and its visual programming abilities. We also support a number of plugins, such as Geometry Gym.

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