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For the Aanbouw Expert, house extensions are a cheap method to gain space and give a new life to your home. Since day one, the company set its heart on this technology and decided to become the best in this niche.   

Yet, the Aanbouw Expert observed that understanding clients’ needs could be challenging. As creating custom drawings and cost estimates demanded time, they looked for alternatives.  

Nathan Navarro

Sales and Finance Manager at the Aanbouw Expert turned out to be the configurator they needed. Within seconds, 3D environment can generate a model of the extension — helping clients to customise the materials, details and quotes of their ideal extension on the spot.  


These features developed into a save of time and paper for the Aanbouw Experts. And put them ahead of the competition in transforming your dreams into reality. 


For almost three years, and De Aanbouw Expert have worked hand-in-hand. Establishing a successful collaboration that helped these two businesses grow. 


Nathan Navarro, the Sales and Finance Manager at the Aanbouw Expert, joined us today to tell us more about it.




What made you start collaborating with 

“They offered us a system to translate the solutions in our head into a format to present to our customers. Before, we were used to hearing them saying that they had an idea, but didn’t know how to explain it. When we started using, everything changed. enables us to create a 3D model during the intake interview with our clients, and show how the extension is going to look like with the necessary information attached.”

Does this mean you can understand if you are on the same page with your customers?

“Yes, this is the added value for our customer journey.”



What did you gain from this collaboration?

“Our partnership has helped us thoroughly to make visualisations and providing quotes. It’s a faster alternative to filling in a list during talks, and come back later with drawings and a cost estimate.”

So, is it faster and more sustainable?

“Yes, the most important point for us is the added speed we gained. That was the fundamental reason we started collaborating, and our clients love it. Another big plus for us is having everything we need in an easy-to-use interface.”

How did help you in the process? 

“They gave us a benefit over our competitors: we work faster, and it makes us look professional. By computing these items in detail on the spot, it shows our clients that we know what we are doing.”



What are the future steps in collaborating with

“We aim to expand the features the configurator offers to configure all kind of extensions. And we want to deliver the construction drawings to the construction team. This is a crucial point for the future, and we trust that can help us.”

And what do you hope can continue to deliver?

“These live 3D models are amazing! I have never seen anyone in our business with these levels of drawings and speed in updating information. I think nobody can do this in our industry.”  

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De Aanbouw Expert!

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