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Augmented Reality (AR) is being applied more and more in everyday life. Think of gaming apps,  apps placing furniture in your house before you’ve bought it or smart advertisements during live sporting events. The amount of cases where AR is smartly applied is a lot longer than the previous examples, and we’ve decided to add to it to



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Our platform is now able to show your parametric models in augmented reality. Having a digital twin of your product before purchasing allows the customer a lot of flexibility. Quickly changing a color, height, or finish. You could already see this within our 3D viewer in a digital environment. With AR this is changing. The same 3D model can be shown in an AR viewer on your phone, placing it as a virtual layer on top of reality.


The first project in which we’ve applied this is the 1m2 staircase from EeStairs. We have previously built a configurator with them for their staircase concept and now wanted to take the next step. With the addition of AR, their customers are able to place an example staircase into their own house. This allows their customers to experience a product in their own environment and it gives them a better feeling for the staircase and its potential place within their own house.


Trying out products or even full projects in their own environment can be done in your own AR app, fitting your brand and its identity.

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