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Digital twin is a next-generation digital twin software. With, you can visualise your product, project or design in a realistic, three-dimensional digital model before starting production, assembly or construction. Analysis and simulation are integrated to predict how your project will perform before realising it. Connect the physical world to the digital world by delivering sensor information to your models for e.g. predictive maintenance. 




Product and project configuration is ideal for product and project configuration. Guide your user through a customised configuration process and visualise your product each step of the way in three dimensions. Produce cost estimates and even a manufacturable model at the end of the process.




No-code approach is a no-code platform. That means you don’t need to have experience in programming to use; any professional can use the platform!

Grasshopper is fully connected to Grasshopper. With, you can upload your Grasshopper model and use it online. Choose custom materials and backgrounds for visualising your model. You can also define changeable parameters for your model, allowing a user to modify your Grasshopper model in’s online viewer.



Cloud-native is a cloud-native software. This means you can access your data anywhere, anytime, and you have the ability to share your information with fellow professionals all over the world.


Are you a small company? No problem! scales with the amount of traffic on your website through our pay-per-use pricing model.


With, you can integrate the processes of product design and manufacturing in one platform to achieve file-to-factory. This creates a seamless design process from beginning to end!

No lost information

Different processes can be integrated together in, from product configuration to cost estimates/planning to manufacturing. By integrating these processes together, you ensure that no information is lost between steps.




Integrate into your website

You can easily integrate a model into your company’s website. This enables you to share and resell knowledge on your own terms.

Generate planning reports

With, you can generate customised reports, such as offer documents or bills of materials that can be used to communicate with clients. By automating the generation of these reports, helps you to save a large amount of time and effort.

Connect to existing design/analysis software

Does your company already use software for design/analysis? That is no problem for Designs/products made in can easily be imported into other software packages for further development. Examples of integrations in are MatrixFrame and Tekla, but has the flexibility to connect to other types of software.

Connect to CRM/ERP’s

Information from your model can be easily imported into a CRM or ERP system. In this way, easily integrates into your existing work environment with no extra fuss.

Visualise information in graphs’s visualisation capabilities extend to more than just digital twins; you can also visualise information in the form of charts or graphs.

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